Cambridge Summer Teachers

We run summer schools in interesting places. We'd like you to join us.


Want to teach abroad this summer?

Want an excuse to go to Kenya? Or maybe China?

Free in July and August?

In 2017 we will run summer schools in ...

Nairobi, Kenya


Shanghai, China

Undergraduates, graduates, PhD students. All are welcome to apply. We are looking for a mixture of experiences.

The students are aged 14-16; they are bright, enthusiastic, fluent in English and a lot of fun. When recruiting we look at your experience, but also at your attitude. You need to be excited about travelling, enjoy socialising in the evenings, but also need to look forward to starting class at 8:30am each day.

You can choose what you teach, from the following subjects:

Arts: Literature, Drama, Journalism, History, Politics, Philosophy, Music

Sciences: Maths, Science, Computer Science, Economics, Psychology

Applications close on April 20th. The sooner you apply, the sooner we reply.