Apply for 2017



Phone Number

Degree Course

Graduation Year


Academic Subjects You Can Teach

Select as many as you want, remembering your target audience are bright students aged 14-16. e.g. for Physics you don't need a master's but you will need to know your neutrons from your neutrinos. For Drama you need to be able to run drama games with excited 14 year-olds at 9am. For Philosophy you might not have specific qualifications, but will be able to run a class on moral dilemmas. 3 subjects is good. 5 is excellent. 7 is suspicious.

Extra-Curriculars You Can Teach

If in doubt, select none.

Experience Related to These Subjects

e.g. "Experience running a theatre club" if you want to teach Drama; "I did A-level economics" or "I did an internship in finance" if you want to teach Economics; "I'm a phys natsci" if you want to teach Maths, Physics and Computer Programming.

Teaching Experience (if applicable)

Leadership Experience (if applicable)

You are trying to show off. What are the most impressive things you have achieved?

This is the most important question, do not be humble. Focus on the very best 1 or 2 things.

Where do you want to be?

Pick one or both

Which weeks are you available?

May week ends Friday 23rd June. Unless there is anything you definitely cannot miss, it is best to be available the whole time. Being picky with dates might well stop you getting picked for the team. Finalists, watch out for when you graduate.

Where did you hear about this opportunity?